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What is SAP MM (Materials Management)?

SAP Materials Management module (MM) – a champion among the most surely understood SAP modules, is a crucial bit of current ERP structures and helps the other SAP modules in covering all the essential bureaus of a client attempt. It is especially planned to motorize and streamline the methodology for securing, Inventory Management, valuation and receipt affirmation. Situating high on the once-over of greater measured modules of SAP, these materials manufacturing parts are pulling in specialists from the entire route over the globe and are helping them develop their profession ways as SAP analysts, functional coordinators or consultants.

The MM application module is absolutely perfect for the SAP ERP programming and deals with the acquirement and additionally other inventory functions that continue occurring in everyday business operations. It incorporates all ace master data, transactions for finishing all the obtainment forms, system configuration and so on. The SAP MM module is in charge of many shifted capacities like goods receiving, acquiring, utilization based planning, material stockpiling and stock and is very much storage with different modules having a place with the SAP R/3 System like:
• Sales and Distribution (SD)
• Plant Maintenance (PM)
• Production Planning (PP)
• Finance (FI)
• Controlling (CO)
• Quality Management (QM)
• Warehouse Management (WM) and so on

SAP MM additionally bolsters the components and functionalities of the authoritative structure, plant, valuation ranges, stockpiling areas, sellers, and purchasing organizations/ groups. It goes far in supporting the distinctive periods of materials administration like:

• Materials arranging and control
• Invoice verification.
• Vendor valuation
• Purchases and acquisition forms
• Receiving of products
• Inventory administration and
• Statutory Requirements

SAP MM Process Flow

SAP MM Process Flow

The common acquisition cycle for an administration or material comprises of the accompanying stages:

1. Assurance of Requirements

Materials requirements are distinguished either in the client divisions or by means of materials planning and control. (This can cover both MRP legitimate and the request based way to deal with stock control.) You can enter buy demands yourself, or they can be produced consequently by the materials planning and control framework.

2. Source Determination

The Purchasing part causes you distinguish potential wellsprings of supply in light of past requests and existing longer-term buy assertions. This speeds the way toward making demands for citation (RFQs), which can be sent to sellers electronically by means of SAP EDI if wanted.

3. Seller Selection and Comparison of Quotations

The framework is fit for recreating estimating situations, enabling you to think about various quotations. Dismissal letters can be sent naturally.

4. Purchase Order Processing

The Purchasing framework receives data from the demand and the quotation to enable you to make a buy order. Similarly, as with purchase demands, you can create Pos yourself or have the framework produce them consequently. Vendor scheduling agreements and contracts (in the SAP System, sorts of longer-term buy understanding) are additionally upheld.

5. Buy Order Follow-Up

The framework checks the update time frames you have determined and - if essential - naturally prints updates or expediters at the predefined intervals. It likewise furnishes you with an up-to-date status of all buy orders, quotations, and buy orders.

6. Products Receiving and Inventory Management

Products receiving work force can affirm the receipt of merchandise just by entering the Po number. By indicating admissible resistances, purchasers can constrain over-and under conveyances of requested merchandise.

7. Invoice Verification

The framework bolsters the checking and coordinating of invoices. The accounts payable agent is informed of amount and price changes in light of the fact that the framework approaches PO and products receipt information. This speeds the procedure of examining and clearing invoices for payment.

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